Processing of quartz glass products and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, sales, repair, etc.



Synthetic Quartz Products

We have made Synthetic quartz products for more than 15years.
Q-tech uses its experience in making synthetic quartz products, therefore we provide products that will satisfy the customers in the field of purity and quality.

Opaque Quartz Products

We can produce various shapes by using opaque quartz glass and we also can weld opaque and clear fused quartz.
We have a lot of production experience for these products, especially in the field of parts for Epitaxial growth, and we can provide high-precision products.
We can make them up to φ1000.

Lathe Processed Products

We can manufacture large diameter quartz furnace tubes which are used for optical fiber manufacturing equipment mainly.
Upsizing (large diameter) is high demand in recent years, so we will proceed with instruction of large equipment to deal with it.


Large-scale products

Large-scale chambers are used in the anneal process of semiconductor and liquid crystal (Low temperature poly), and they are products for advanced welding technique and molding technique.
Using the impressive technique and large-scale anneal furnace, we can produce large-scale products up to a maximum size of φ1200.

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