Processing of quartz glass products and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, sales, repair, etc.



Company profile

Company name Quartz Technica CO.,LTD
1999 September
Business location [Head office] Tokorozawa city , Saitama
[Tohoku office] Koriyama city ,Fukushima
[Koriyama factory] Koriyama city ,Fukushima
[Gunma factory] Annaka city ,Gunma
Main business Production of quartz products

Major facilities

●Annealing furnace
The lid of this furnace moves up and down, so that the quartz products can’t move.
Therefore we can make High-precision products.
●Large-scale annealing furnace
Floor space : 1200 × 1400 mm
By using this furnace, we can make large-scale products.
Quartz-Technica has made chambers larger than φ1000 before.
●Jigs for fire process
Quartz-Technica develops its original jigs for fire process.
By using these jigs, we can make High-precision products and increase the number of items.
To prevent impurity contamination, these jigs are made of quartz or high purity carbon.

Facilities list

Koriyama factory
Annealing furnace(Large) 1
Annealing furnace(Lift type) 1
Annealing furnace(Medium) 1
Welding machine 2
Lathe(Small) 1
Laser cutting machine 1
Gunma factory
Annealing furnace(Medium) 2
Annealing furnace(Horizontal) 1
Lathe(Large) 1
Lathe(Medium) 1
Lathe(Small) 2
Cylindrical grinding machine 1
Welding machine 1

Company History

1999 September Started with the production of quartz glass products in Koriyama city, Fukushima
2008 June Relocation of the factory for business expansion
2011 June Established Gunma factory for business expansion
2014 June Relocation of Gunma factory for business expansion
2020 November Relocation of Gunma factory for business expansion

Contact TEL +81-4-2947-3011 From Monday through Friday (9a.m.~6p.m.)

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