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Environment Policies

Environment Policies

We (Q-tech and Quartz Technica) understand that our activities are closely related to the global environment.
All employees shall conform to protecting the environment no matter the hierarchical level in a positive way.

  1. We truly understand the effect of our activities and products on the environment.
  2. We acknowledge regulations/agreements and other matters on the environment. And we follow them.
  3. We establish our environmental objectives and targets, and promote environmental conservation activities to the extent we economically and technically can.
  4. To promote environmental conservation, we will focus on the following items.
    (1) Reduction of pollution and generation of harmful substances which affect the global environment and local environment.
    (2) Packaging, for the reduction of waste and recycling.
    (3) Production, for a proper use and reduction of resources.
    (4) Office work and production, for the reduction of energy.
    (5) Office work, for a proper use/ recovery/ recycling of paper.
  5. We will conduct lectures on environmental conservation to improve understanding of environmental policies and environmental consciousness of all employees.
  6. We publicly announce this environmental policies widely through the website etc.

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