Processing of quartz glass products and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, sales, repair, etc.

Company Policies

Company Policies

We (executives and employees of Q-tech and Quartz Technica) act to aspire to have a close cooperation with customers in the development sector based on our policies.

Earning trust

1. We earn the customers’ trust by suggesting/providing the products/services required by society, by taking safety into account.

Contribution to society

2. We participate in social contribution activities.

Considering global environment

3. We understand that we need to consider the global environment for the corporation and our activities to exist. And we aim to save saving energy, decrease waste and recycle in every field of activity for the company to coexist with the environment.

Fairness and free work activities

4. We conduct proper transaction based on fairness and free market competition, and we do business considering the social environment.

Following laws

5. We follow all laws in Japan, and strive for acting with social sense. We reject antisocial forces which pose a threat to the order of any civil society and its safety.

Trade control(import/export)

6. We shall confirm all trade outlines of our business partners, the business contents, and we shall make sure that export cargoes/technology won’t be used for the development/manufacture of weapons of mass destruction.
In case we import/export products, we shall perform import/export clearance procedures according to laws and regulations.

Contribution to the world

7. Concerning our activities abroad, we respect the cultures and the customs of the country we are settled in, and we contribute to the regional development.

Respect for the rights of employees

8. We strive for creating a corporate environment where employees can use their skills with motivation, and shall not be discriminated because of their nationality or religion etc. We respect everyone.

Safety and sanitation

9. All employees follow the principle of safety first, we keep in mind prevention and relapse prevention, and try to prevent accidents from happening.

Information management

10. We shall protect/manage all information acquired through our activities thoroughly, and strive for preventing fraudulent use/leakage.

Information systems

11. We use company’s information systems for business purpose only. We shall not use it for personal purposes.

Study of technology and knowledge

12. We aim at being the most advanced company regarding technology and knowledge, hence we work with proud professional group, and we accumulate/share advanced technology/knowledge.

We go by these policies, and prepare management guidance and internal organization. In case a situation goes against the policies occurs, we clarify responsibility, we investigate the cause, and we disclose the information.


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