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Privacy Policies

About our Privacy Policies

Q-TECH INC. (hereafter called Q-tech) perceives the importance of personal information, complies with laws and other related acts, hence we shall use appropriate means to protect personal information in accordance with our company rules and organization systems, and this policies shall provide for the following matters.

Definition of personal information

We mean personal information if it is possible to identify individuals with one or more than two information as below.
Personal name, Date of birth, sex, address, phone number, family structure, habit and taste, E-mail address, place of employment, phone number of employment, number of credit card, bank account, personal identity number or capital, information of product or service which we provided, information of website that we provided, complaints, and consultation.

  1. Information customers provide on the website Q-tech runs.
  2. Information about this website which is provided by customers.
  3. We shall use appropriate means to protect information in according to these privacy policies.

Scope of application

Contents of this privacy policies lay down handling of personal information which customers provide Q-tech with in this website.

Policies of protecting personal information

Collecting, Using, Disclosing

Q-tech considers that it keeps the customers’ information with business activities.
Each section organizes systems which are fit for each section for protecting personal information.
We follow particular rules to collect, use, disclose personal information.

We comply with laws and other acts

We comply any other laws and acts.
And we make a “Guideline” of protecting personal information which is conform to laws.

Implementation of safety measures

We shall take measures to prevent the illegal access to, or the loss, destruction, falsification, leakage of personal information.

Respect for personal information concerning personal information

In case customers demand their information disclosed, corrected or deleted information, or stop providing/using their information, Q-tech shall cooperate in a good faith.

Making company rules of privacy policies and continuous improvement

We shall make officers and employees perceive the importance of personal information, use it properly, we shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations and any other standards with regard to the handling of personal information, and we shall review periodically and improve our privacy policies.

Purpose of using personal information

We will use personal information only situation requires it. For example guidance of new products or campaigns, and sending the documents (including send by E-mail).

For customers

  1. It is possible to use our web site service mostly without your personal information.
  2. Please acknowledge that sometimes we need your personal information to provide our services.
  3. We are not responsible for the protection of personal information on any web site linked to this website.
  4. Please enter information with prior consent of our privacy policies.In case you disagree with our privacy policies, you may not be able to use the contact form which we provide.


  1. This privacy policies follows Japanese laws.
  2. Sometimes we change our privacy policies to improve it, or according to the changes laws made by the government to laws or norms. Please check our website regularly.
  3. In case the privacy policies change, the date of implementation will correspond to the date it appears on the website.
  4. In case privacy policies are written on another page, the main page for privacy policies take precedence over the others.

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